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The 2016 election is over, and we didn’t win.

My goal in running for Representative in District 46 was to help build a better community for my family and for yours.

I believe in Public education. I believe in Living Wages. I believe that super-majorities of either party are a bad idea, anti-democratic and fertile ground for corruption. I believe our democracy has been crippled with unlimited money being given to candidates who bend the government to serve the special interests of the donors instead of the American People. I believe most Democratic candidates agree with me on these issues.

Some of the folks who helped with my campaign decided to meet and discuss what we could do right now. Our commitment to building a better community has not changed. If you are interested in getting to work please contact me HERE! We can use your help! There is a lot of work to be done.

We want to be able to communicate what a better community is. We want everyone to understand how working class folks who vote Republican are actually voting against their own best interest. By Nov. 2018 we intend to have a party that not only fields the best candidates like we did in 2016, but also fields an energized party that wins in Owen County. Strap on some excitement and let’s go!

We may have lost this election but we haven’t lost our heart, nor have we lost our will to change things!

photo by Tom Yeiser 2016
photo by Tom Yeiser 2016