Bernie Sanders in Indy

Aug 21st, 2017, just an hour or so after the solar eclipse, Bernie Sanders’ spoke to a crowd in Indianapolis on Monument Circle. Bill Breeden and I went to hear him speak.

I didn’t have press credentials so I shoot from the front of the crowd, while it was raining.

Indiana AFL-CIO President Brett Voorhies spoke and United Steelworkers Local 1999 President Chuck Jones spoke.

If you don’t understand what is wrong with America and why full employment in Indiana with minimum wage jobs is not the answer, then you ought to listen to what these folks are saying.

Bill hoped to get a chance to speak to Bernie which is immortalized here by Fox 59 in Indianapolis. Not surprising the coverage is not sympathetic, or illuminating. What is surprising to me is the slightly hostile (or is it condescending) attitude of the reporter and the very inept quality of the audio recording of Bernie. I guess Bernie doesn’t rate the ‘A’ team. Although I usually advise against polluting my mind with Fox reporting I’ll make an exception in this case. Here is a link: Fox 59 coverage.

NUVO coverage can be found Here!