Women’s Rights

So why do I have Women’s Rights in a separate category of its own?  Because the Republican Party and the right-wing have been waging a war against women for decades.  I believe it is a travesty of justice to have predominantly white males controlling women’s healthcare decisions regarding reproductive rights.

Am I pro-abortion?  No! I do not know of a single person who is.  Abortion is a difficult choice, but it is a choice, not only by law, but by nature.  For millennia, that choice as been in the purveyance of women, because men do not get pregnant.  For millennia, women have known how to end a pregnancy when it was not the time to have a child.  Midwives were accused of witchcraft by men, burned at the stake and persecuted for caring for women.

In modern times, the knowledge of herbal abortifacients has been lost or intentionally hidden, and women’s health has been placed in the hands of medical professionals.  I believe the decision to have, or not to have, a child still belongs to the woman.

We will not go back to the days of dark alley abortions.

Our governor and the Republican supermajority in the legislature recently passed HB 1337 (IndyStar, Slate) which is one of the most repugnant pieces of legislation in the nation.  Included in this bill is the requirement that women who have miscarriages must be reported to the state by their healthcare providers, and must arrange for burial or cremation of the remains.

As a minister, I have counseled many women who have suffered the tragedy of a spontaneous abortion, which is the medical term for a miscarriage.  It is beyond common decency to require these women to go through the indignity of state intrusion into their lives.

It is time to get the legislature and the governor out of the business of dictating morals to women. We do not elect Ayatollahs and morality police in Indiana.  We elect persons to take care of the public business not to dictate our private lives.  I applaud the Republican women in the legislature who spoke against this bill, and voted against it, along with the Democrats who joined them.

If I am elected, I will stand up for women’s rights and call for an end to the crusade against them.

Now is the time for all to support women’s rights.

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