Religious Freedom

I believe strongly in religious freedom and in the separation of church and state.  I do not believe religious freedom includes giving business owners the right to discriminate against persons of different religious beliefs, sexual orientation, race, or gender.  Having read the Bible in its entirety several times, I am very familiar with the teachings of Jesus.  I am impressed by his willingness to eat with prostitutes, even allowing one to wash his feet.  He hung out with those who were rejected by the religious folks, and I cannot imagine him refusing to eat with GLBT folks, or Muslims, or atheists, or anyone else.  The majority of Christians I know feel the same.

I don’t believe it is the government’s place to protect bigotry in the name of religion, and if I am elected I will stand for religious freedom for all, and protect the separation of church and state.

Now is the time to protect the civil rights of all people.


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