The Republican super majority in the state legislature, along with the past two Republican administrations have decimated public education in Indiana.  Fewer young people are choosing to become teachers in Indiana because of the lack of support, and low pay.  Our tax dollars are being given to private institutions, many of which are religious institutions that teach creationism over science and distort history with religious bias.

The morale of teachers in our public schools is lower than ever before, because they are blamed for problems that are beyond their control and created by a state legislature whose design is to destroy public education and replace it with private institutions.

Using the classic “divide and conquer” methodology, the Pence administration and the legislature now wants to allow school administrators to bid for teachers, destroying the right of collective bargaining and pitting schools against one another.  The wealthy will have quality education while the lower class will be relegated to the  “pipeline to prison.”

Indiana ranks very low in terms of graduation rates.  Now is the time to support public education.  Now is the time to support teachers instead of testers.


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