Work History

Work History:
1960-1964—lawn mower, hay hand, general farm work.
1964—Odon Feed Mill—laborer at the age of 15
1966–Gas pipeline laborer—Gwaltney Oil Company at age 17
1967–Cooper/Martin Supermarket, Nashville, Tennessee—age 18
1968–UPS, Nashville, Tenn. Loader and sorter—age 18
1968-1972–First American Nat’l Bank, Nashville Tennessee (Began as check sorter, rose to night Data Processing Manager, and worked 40-60 hours per week while attending college fulltime.)
(It should also be noted that from 1964 –1971, I was also a weekend evangelist in the Nazarene church, having started preaching at the age of 15)
1972-Unitog Corporation, Kansas City, MO—Night operations manager data processing
1972-73 Union National Bank, Kansas City, MO—Night operations manager data processing
Attended Seminary full time from 1972 to 1976
1974-76—Pastor of First Christian Churches, Polo and Kingston MO.
1976-1980 Associate Minister of First Christian Church, St. Joseph, MO
1981 Director of Migrant Ministry, Indiana Council of Churches, Indianapolis, IN
1980-1990—self employed, tree trimmer, carpenter, roofer,handyman.  Truck driver
1991-1992 Associate Instructor, Criminal Justice, Indiana University, Graduate Student.
1991-2001—Truck driver, RCA, PYA-Monarch, JT Express
2001-2014—Co-Minister of Unitarian Universalist Church, Bloomington, IN
Retired—June 2014

Next job—Indiana State Representative, District 46!