If you like Bill’s website you may find the following websites worth visiting.


Just Let Me Teach This is an article in Daily KOS about an Indiana Teachers Group that created the little black wrist bands that say “Let Me Teach”. They’ve sold over 4,000. Justin Oakley created the wrist bands after growing tired of school reformers telling teachers how to teach.

Indiana Talks Schedule for WELT 95.7 FM which hosts the Just Let Me Teach program (Wed. 8:00 pm).


Kim Fidler for State Representative – District 44 on FaceBook. If you can vote for Kim Fidler we hope that you will. She is exactly the kind of voice we need in Indianapolis to work for Public Education and a better Indiana for everyone!

Penny Githens for Indiana House District 60 website and Penny Githens for Indiana on FaceBook. Restoring common sense sounds good to us, hope you’ll vote for Penny is you can!

John Gregg for Governor website and Gregg for Governor on FaceBook. Let the Koch brothers know you don’t care who they support, vote for Gregg!

John Gregg, why I am running A 3 minute video that John does a great job of explaining why he is running!

Baron Hill for Indiana website and Baron Hill for Indiana on FaceBook. When I was little I thought Indiana was a great place to live. That was back when Indiana had two Democratic Senators representing us in Washington! Here is an easy way to improve the US Senate, and help get Indiana going in the right direction once again, support Baron Hill!


American Society of Civil Engineers – consequences of inaction a 2016 article about the state of American civil infrastructure, a discussion about the cost of inaction, and a national report card. If you want to make America Great, you have to invest in infrastructure, not cut taxes for the 1%.


Clean-Energy Jobs Surpass Oil Drilling for First Time in U.S. article in Bloomberg. In terms of job creation clean energy is creating more jobs that oil drilling which seems to indicate that US Energy policy should level the playing field or encourage clean energy for economic reasons as well as protecting future generations fro the effects of global warming/climate change.


Indiana AFL-CIO has endorsed Bill which we were pleased to announce here and on Facebook This link to the state website is a resource where lots of information about working Hoosiers, minimum wage, activities and other information can be found.