A primary goal of this website is to give Hoosiers in House District 46 a chance to read and hear what Bill Breeden has to say about this race. Citizens who wish to be informed need the opportunity to hear candidates speak first hand. They need to know what issues are important to Bill and what he feels is the proper role of government to deal with these issues.

Democrats have a big problem getting their message out since they don’t have the financial resources of surrogate committees funded by the likes of the Koch brothers. These organizations flood districts with TV advertising and mailers that exaggerate the accomplishments of Republican candidates. They obscure the fact that the Republican super majority has focused on social and narrow religious issues that divide us, and abandoned issues that really matter, like Hoosier household income falling behind the national median household income level for the last 12 years. They will try to convince you that the Republican war on public education has somehow helped prepare our children for the future. It is a flawed system that will only be fixed when real campaign finance reform is enacted and Citizens United is overturned. Sadly none of this will happen this year.

However, these videos will give you a chance to hear Bill Breeden speak for himself and address the campaign issues for 2016. We are also pleased to present videos of notable Hoosiers who have decided to endorse Bill Breeden!

A Different Direction!
Going in circles
Jim Thom “I’m for Bill”
Dark Rain “Bill is not a politician”

Now is the time to be informed. Be part of the solution, join the political revolution. Thank you for your support!