Going in circles

In less than 2 minutes Bill explains what this election is about and what he hopes to accomplish in the Indiana Legislature.


Most Hoosiers realize they have been stuck on a down elevator economically for years.  They want change.  They want an economy that works for them and a State government that provides the best public schools possible for their children.  They want civil rights for everyone and infrastructure that works.  Beyond that they want the State government to stay out of their personal lives.

So how do you get real change?

Republicans have controlled the Indiana Senate for 24 years.  Indiana has had Republican Governors for the last 12 years.  Republicans have controlled the Indiana House of Representatives for the last 6 years.  In 2015 the Republican super-majority passed bills that embarrassed most Hoosiers, drove business away and have been ruled unconstitutional.  It is very simple, if you want change, if you want a better Indiana, vote for Democrats.

Click here to see Bill’s video, “Going in circles”!

Click here to see Bill Breeden’s video “Going in circles”