I live in rural Owen County.  My road looks a lot like the roads I drove on in Honduras and Nicaragua with potholes big enough to be catfish ponds.  I find it interesting that during election years, the governor and legislature always find some funds to send the counties for roads and bridges.  It is not enough, and it evaporates in non-election years.

It is time for the legislature to develop long term funding for infrastructure in rural Indiana.  It seems that the Republican super majority can always find time to push right-wing social agendas, and rubber stamp legislation written out of state by the radical bill mill ALEC, but cannot find the time to address the issues that effect the lives of every hoosier. (If you are not aware of what ALEC is, click Here! for information.)

I hope you will join the revolution.

Now is the time to make government work for the people again.

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